Take your song to the next level with my guitar playing at The Lily Pad

I’ve been playing guitar on recording sessions for over 20 years. I have recorded everything from blues to jazz to heavy metal.  I am now set up to record guitar tracks in my home studio, The Lily Pad.  I enjoy helping musicians at every level, from seasoned professionals to enthusiastic beginners get the most out of their songs.

I play rock, blues, jazz, funk, ambient, and metal. I can read music, so if you can write it down (or even if you can just hum a few bars), I can play it.  I can bring my own style to the session but my priority is to realize your vision for your song.  I have also produced a few albums and I write my own music, and I am always happy to offer arrangement ideas if you want them.   

You can hear me on my CD Drifting Home. I recorded and produced all of the electric guitars at home in my studio.  You can also hear short samples of me below.

Here is how it usually works

You email me a rough mix of your song and we talk about what approach you would like me to take.  I record several ideas for guitar parts and send them back mixed with your mp3.   You let me know which ideas you like and don’t like.  When I have a good idea of what you want I record finished versions and send them to you as wav files in 44.1, 88.2 or 96 via drop box or wetransfer.

I record into Pro Tools with a Kemper amp profiler and a variety of amps that I run direct with impulse response speaker cabs.  I have a variety of guitars, pedals and plugins to achieve lots of different sounds.

Get in touch with me via my contact info to book a session and to find out about rates.