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“This is the best cd I have heard in the last 5 years, I can’t believe what i’m hearing. This is a fucking work of art.”

Scott Henderson (one of the great jazz/rock guitar players)


"Daniel Zimmerman's new CD is a tour de force. By fusing varied styles with great playing, innovative compositions and a personalized voice replete with wit and fun, he brings the music to life. Each track offers a sonic journey through the musical mind of a visionary artist, one who knows where he wants to go and how to get there."

Bruce Forman - jazz guitar legend


"Love the new record! Great sounds, great compositions, textures!"

Jude Gold (lead guitar for Jefferson Starship, head of guitar at GIT, editor at Guitar Player Magazine)


"...I was expecting a very “chops driven” CD, but what I got was actually a really well written and sensitively performed body of music, that also happened to be by a really great guitarist. “Drifting Home” is an apt title, because the whole thing flows from start to finish in a sort of dreamy “Americana fusion jazz country with a little semi-classical jumbo”, that’s sort of like a modern film noir detective film sc...ore searching for a film hip enough to support it. Daniel owes as much to some of the newer Bill Frisell projects with his long brooding tremolo drenched melodies and chordal playing, as he does to Scott Henderson’s hip post bop intervalic melodic minor phrasing, and he has that perfect “just crunching and sustaining enough” tone that so many guitarists strive for but few achieve. I would say that anyone that’s a fan of Frisell and Henderson, as well as guitarists like Allen Hinds, Drew Zingg, Robben Ford and Mike Landau are going to really like this guy."

Doug Perkins (renowned guitar player, teacher,and writer)

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